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Some of our lawyers have more than 20 years of experience in negotiating M&A transactions, whether in Belgium or at an international level. We also advise clients on all issues of corporate law such as directors’ liability, conflict of interest, shareholders relationships and corporate governance.

Les informations secrètes ont une valeur importante dans le monde des affaires et le maintien de leur confidentialité représente un enjeu essentiel pour stimuler la croissance économique et l’innovation. Le droit reconnaît la légitimité de la protection du secret en organisant celle-ci.

Olivier Clevenbergh, 
Gisèle Rosselle

There is cause for optimism and caution in light of the past year’s events.  First, we can be tentatively optimistic about Europe. The possibility of a euro breakup appears to have faded, and European equities markets performed, on the whole, exceptionally well in 2013.

In its recommendation of 9 April 2014, the European Commission wants companies listed on a regulated market to explain better about how they comply with, or derogate from, the corporate governance code.

En cette fin de législature, le gouvernement réduit les obligations d’information pesant sur les sociétés cotées. L’arrêté royal du 26 mars 20141 transpose la Directive 2013/50/UE, en modifiant l’arrêté royal du 14 novembre 2007 relatif aux obligations des émetteurs d’instruments financiers admis à la négociation sur un marché réglementé.

Olivier Clevenbergh

Les conventions de cession d’actions comportent souvent des mécanismes complexes relatifs aux déclarations et garanties du vendeur. On y retrouve notamment une procédure d’information du vendeur lorsque se produisent des événements susceptibles de déclencher un appel à la garantie. La question se pose alors de savoir quel est l’impact du non-respect de cette procédure sur la garantie elle-même.

Thomas Pouppez

Thomas Pouppez is mainly active in the field of M&A, Corporate law and Corporate finance.

Thomas was admitted to the Brussels Bar in 2011. He started his career at Allen & Overy in Brussels in the Banking and Corporate departments. He joined Strelia in October 2013.

Thomas obtained a law degree from the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in 2010. In addition, he obtained a Master in European law from the University of Amsterdam in 2011.

Olivier Clevenbergh, 
Gisèle Rosselle

Following the formation of a new federal government in 2011, Belgium has been under less pressure from the financial markets in 2012. However, the Belgian government will continue to closely monitor its budget, as would any other EU Member State. In this light, there has been an important stream of new restrictive tax and social legislation entering into force at the beginning of and throughout 2012. Obviously, the eurozone crisis was and remains the most important factor for cautiousness regarding the Belgian M&A market.

Laurent Verhavert

Laurent Verhavert is a partner and a member of the M&A and Corporate team.

He specializes in M&A transactions, company restructurings and corporate law matters, including corporate real estate transactions.   

He also has a specific expertise in private equity and venture capital, including fundraising and financing matters.

Laurent Verhavert was admitted to the Brussels Bar in 2008.

Olivier Clevenbergh

Olivier Clevenbergh is mainly active in the field of M&A and corporate law. He deals with national and international acquisitions and disposals of shares or assets, private equity and venture capital transactions, mergers and joint ventures. He has considerable experience as regards restructurings and the acquisition of the assets of distressed companies.